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Frequently Asked Questions

Given the nature of our service you cannot 'sign up' online. We do not have a one size fits all service and would need to discuss your needs and requirements over the telephone or by email. We will also need to do some preliminary money laundering and security checks. You can register your interest or start the ball rolling by completing the contact form here.
We do not have a minimum term for our engagement. Once you choose to use our services we will issue an engagement pack detailing the nature and terms of work we will do for you. You are able to disengage, for example to go elsewhere, at any time. All that we ask is that you give us reasonable notice of at least 14 days if you intend to do so.
Yes of course we can. There is no requirement that you ever have to meet any of us face to face. We are happy to visit you if you prefer, but everything can be done electronically or at worst via the postal system.
Its a cliche, but there really is no such thing as a stupid question. We will answer all of your questions with respect in a language you can understand. Beginning in business can be a daunting prospect, don't be nervous just drop us an email or call us.
Yes, not a problem. Contact us and we'll have chat about exactly what you need and we can produce a draft business plan for your approval.
The simple answer is 'it depends'. We would suggest you contact us first to discuss your business circumstances and the pros and cons of a limited company. Here though are some of the advantages of a limited company:
  • No higher rate tax
  • Business name is more easily protected
  • May be easier to attract investors
  • Easier to split ownership amongst others
  • Perceived public confidence
Yes, within reason, we are happy to make evening or weekend appointments to meet with you or to speak on the telephone.